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Thank You For Interest In Writing In Guest Post In Blog For Info,Before you write and submit your post for my review, here are some guidelines Please Follow These Guidlines

#Useful articles

My focus is on providing readers with useful, practical, helpful, actionable information that brings readers significant benefits. Be an expert – it helps if you know what you’re talking about! Educate, teach and solve problems. Noticed that readers in this field have problems with this topic? Write a solution. Articles which solve readers’ problems tend to do really well here.

#Unique articles

When it comes to offering content that has a different style and way of teaching, content that is fresh, or content that presents a new angle on something. And No Copy Paste content is allowed.

  • Be original and unique. Go through this blog’s archives and figure out what I haven’t written about yet. If you want, and if you’ve got the reasons, you can take an opposing stance to one of my opinions. Got a fresh idea? You increased your chances of my getting interested in your post.

Please don’t fill articles with links to your site in every paragraph. You have the byline for that. If one of your articles is extremely relevant, then a link is encouraged. Otherwise, a post with unnecessary links to your site is not allowed.

#Relevant articles

My blog’s focus is on creative Writing tips, with broad subcategories of , Google Adsense, Mobile Phone , Gadgets ,Plugins , Computer , Internet,Lifehacks And Technology Related  Article. Therefore random articles which are not based on the above topics will be rejected. Make sure to write on one tight topic, not many small ones.

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