Top 5 Buysellads Alternatives For Direct Advertising 2016

Want to earn more money from Direct advertising on your website I suggest you Buysellads. This Website will help you Direct Advertising on your website.But getting approved for buy sell ads is not easily if you have high traffic and page views on your website you will get approved instantly, So in this post, I will help you to find Top Top 5 Buysellads Alternatives For Direct Advertising 2016.

I already explained about Top 5 Adsense Alternative Providers for your Blog/Website in my previous post.


So Friends here is the Top 5 Buysellads Alternatives

1. Adsella

Top 5 Buysellads Alternatives

If you Website is Rejected by Buysellads and want to make money by showing direct ads, Adsella could be useful service to sell your website space. Adsella gives you full control and offers flexible payment method.The AdSella Marketplace makes it easy to buy and sell ad inventory. Sellers: Add a couple of lines of code to your site, set the look and feel of ad blocks to match your site’s style, and ad blocks appear for sale. Get paid instantly through PayPal or Stripe. Ad buyers: Browse the directory, choose ad blocks to purchase, upload your content & pay. Your ads go live in seconds.

2. Publicityclerks


PublicityClerks is one of the fastest growing ad networks on the web. Now this ad network has a great network of advertisers and hundreds of active bloggers. You can use PublicityClerks as an alternative to Buysellads.

3. Blogads


Blogads is one of the old and best marketplaces to sell your website space to direct advertisers. Great alternative to Buysellads that can pay you huge revenue for showing direct ads on your site. If your site is approved by Blogads Team, you can expect sufficient earnings from your website ad space, It has a potential to compete with BuySellAds.

4. Oiopublisher


OIOPublisher is just a WordPress plugin that you can install on your blog to sell ad spaces very easily. It’s not the best marketplace as BuySellAds, but if you have a blog with the highly targeted audience then you can make a great amount of money by selling various ad spaces using OIOPublisher.

5. Projectwonderful


Projectwonderful is the best alternative to Buysellads it can help you to make earn money from your blog. Projectwonderful gives publishers full control to sell website space with advertisers. You can set your price. Payment is made by Paypal.

So these are the Top 5 Buysellads Alternatives For Direct Advertising, Where you can apply to sell ad spaces on your blog and earn Money online. So try them out now and do let us know what you think about them in the comments below.

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