Technology will not make you safe: your internet privacy is still at risk

If you want to be completely safe, I am talking about 100% safe with no chance of privacy invasion when communicating; use pen and a paper. Because no matter what you do, I repeat no matter WHAT you do, you are at risk. Nothing is completely secure these days and advancement in technology is only making it worse. You can do one thing, however; give up on internet privacy battle and embrace the unsafe, insecure world of online information.

No matter where we go, there is an electronic device on us. It contains all our information, our calls, chats, images, texts, passwords, bank accounts and what not. And the worst part is you can do nothing about it – who can live without cell phones these days, no one.

You can hardly blame technology or social media for this. In a way, these apps are secure but humans are not. This may be another evolutionary stage in our existence where our information is not as private as we’d like to believe and maybe that is OK.

We are at crossroads at the moment, there are two paths. Either we get super paranoid about internet privacy and give up everything we have or we embrace a few risks and learn to live with them.

Are the famous apps secure?

When we read about privacy and non-disclosure policies of companies like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google etc., we are hardly comforted by them. As their encryption techniques improve so do the hackers’ motivations and desire.

There is a simple phenomenon involved; a bigger light attracts more moths. Due to the dynamics of the internet and technology every electronic device has become a hacker’s paradise. Hence a greater desire to get through and steal information and data.

If we demonstrate this by example, recently hackers got into iCloud accounts of various celebrities and leaked their private pictures. This was one of the largest cyber-attacks in history. It didn’t cause great harm or start wars but the sheer scandalous nature of it sent shivers through the internet world.

Various celebrities who were victims say that they haven’t been able to trust putting any personal data on any electronic device ever since.

In another case, FBI wanted to sneak into private WhatsApp conversations of San Bernadino bombing suspects. They contacted an Israeli company for the hack who in turned got hacked – some justice served there one can say.

This was celebrated by consumers worldwide that WhatsApp wasn’t bullied by FBI in order to give their consumers’ private information.

Edward Snowden the former NSA security analyst has disclosed that American government is thoroughly spying on each and every one of its citizens.

Then there is the episode of Hillary Clinton’s email hack just before the elections.

One wonders if such high profile people are not safe from cyber crimes, then how do we the ordinary people stand a chance. There is, however, a way to secure your information from hackers, and the best form of protection is undoubtedly a VPN service.

There is still a lot of research being done into internet privacy concerns; both at ethical and technical levels.

Do you have any suggestion that will help solve this problem? Please let us know in the comment section.

Author: nuur

Nuur Hasan is a software developer and a political activist, he intends to dedicate his life to the becoming the voice of the voiceless.


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