Ping List For WordPress Blog 2017

Here I come with the Ping List For WordPress Blog 2017. you can add this ping list to your WordPress blogs to get index search engines soon after your latest post or news.

The WordPress Ping service will work automatically whenever you publish a Latest news or post, ping services notify search engine and blog directories to index it.

In this post, I will help you to add Ping List to your WordPress blog.

Ping List For WordPress Blog 2017

How to Add Ping List to your WordPress blog

  • Login to WordPress Blog dashboard. Go to Setting and Click on ‘Writting’.

  • Scroll Down then you can see a Box to insert Ping List.

Copy all Ping List above and paste over this box and Click Save Changes, That’s it you’re done.Now WordPress will notify all the above ping services when you publish a Latest news or Post.

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Author: Rahil

Rahil is a part time blogger from Kerala, India. Apart from Blogging, His areas of Interest are Computers, Networking , WordPress , Playing And Watching Movies At BlogForInfo he Writes about Blogging, WordPress, Technology, Making Money online.


  1. I was searching on google about ( wordpress ping list 2017 ) and i found you in top , but i think your ping sites its a lot
    i hope this didn`t harm my website

    i will share the result here after 2 days
    my post get from 5 to 7 days until indexed


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