How To Make Money Online Using Flixya

Friends,  Flixya is Website That Help You to make Money Online Using your Google Adsense Account.Joining To  Flixya Will Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue.In this post, I will explain How To Make Money Online Using Flixya.

What is Flixya?

Flixya is a social networking website that allows us to publish and monetize our content. The best thing about Flixya is that you will be able to make the big amount of money by showing Google Adsense ads on your profile page.

Flixya Account

So want to know how to get started with Flixya?
Simple go to website and create an account with the ‘Free Sign Up’ link available in their Top navigation bar. You can share your Adsense account or create new Adsense account in case you don’t have an Adsense account

Adsense Account Must

According to Flixya case study, you will be getting 100 percent of Adsense revenue generated by your videos, photos, articles, and blogs. So you must have an Adsense account in case you are aiming at making some good amount of money with Flixya. Click here to Apply for a Google Adsense Account. Once you are able to approve your publisher account from Google Adsense, you will be given a unique Publisher ID that you have to add to your Flixya account. Once you have mapped your Google Adsense account with your Flixya profile, you are ready to start earning cash with Flixya.

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