How To Get Edu Email Free

Nowadays people are searching to Get Edu Email Free for getting the discount when buying study material like laptops etc. in this post I will help you How To Get .Edu Email Address Free.try this method and you will get your free .edu email address.

How To Get .Edu Email Address Free

Method 1

1. Visit

2 . On the new page open check “I am a new student and have never attended any of the Maricopa Community Colleges or Skill Centers.”

3. Complete the captcha .

4. Open a new Tab and go to fake name generator.

5. Select Gender (up to you), then select USA and press generate .

6. You will see an SSN Number similar to “453 – 68-xxx” or whatever . Just remove the dashes and replace XXXX with numbers and paste it to the Maricopa website.

7. You can set the date of birth, first name , and last name to whatever (or just use the data provided from fake name generator and press next . I suggest selecting like 1992-94 to make it seem legit, but that ‘s up to you.

8. Use the gender , phone , address 1 , city, state, and postal code, as shown on the generated page .

9. For email just use the domain (For example:

10. You can access that inbox by visiting and input bowl cut on the text box and press “Check email”, though I suggest something more secure perhaps .

11. Set the two secret answers to whatever you want and there you to go , a free .edu email.

Method 2

Get a .edu email from

1. Go to the signup page at and fill in the required information (see screenshot below).

2. Once you have filled in all the required details, click on “Create my account.”

3. That’s it! Now you’ve created a second .edu email address for Free. Your new email address would look something like

4. Now to the site’s login page and enter your username/password combo to access your email account (see screenshot below).

Method 3

Purchase a free .edu email address for as little as $5.50

1. Go to

2.Search for email id

3.Pay $5.50 for the administration

4.Give wanted username and a photo of your picture ID

5.It takes under 24 hours to get it

You are ready to use your email address for hosts of discounts and freebies

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