How To Get Approved Media.Net Publisher Network Easily

When your are blogging for the money you have lots of option to Monetize your Blogging platform Like I already explained in my previous post Top 5 Adsense Alternative Providers for your Blog/Website . Now I will help you to get approved Publisher Network easily by taking some actions on your blog.


My Blogging Journey started on since 2009 and at 2010 I got approved by Google Adsense and I have Earned a lot from google Adsense but I discontinue my blogging on 2013 due to my education and stopped blogging.Now at 2016 September I restarted my blogging with WordPress platform and I bought a new Domain from Godaddy.

By Using Current Google Adsense account I monetize blog again. Then I heard about Advertisement by Yahoo and Bing on one of the Top Blog.I Tried searching about it and I find details about

I have noticed that is biggest and growing Contextual advertisement and the best Alternative for Google Adsense. So I posted Top 5 Adsense Alternative Providers for your Blog/ let know my readers about it.

So I just applied for When the time of applying my domain and blog is only 1-month-old and only having 16 Posts but Unfortunately replied to me that Currently this site doesn’t comply with our Program
Guidelines, so we are unable to accept you into our program.If you own another site(s) and would like us to check their approvability, please email the list to us  and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Then I checked my blog whether any mistakes on my blog and I corrected some minor mistake and applied again and this time also Rejected my blog so they have rejected my blog twice.

After one week I posted 2 more Contents on my blog How to Make WordPress blogs Mobile Friendly and Hurry $0.99 for .com Domain Limited Offer From 1and1 I Apply again This time Approved my Blog.


Friends Does not check how old your blog or blog Content. So If you want to get approved by Instantly Please follow these steps.

  • Your Blog must have User-Friendly Theme So people can Browse and Read Easily.
  • Your Blog Must be Mobile Friendly So people can read your blog on their mobile Device Easly.
  • At least 15 Posts that are SEO friendly.
  • Your Post or Contents should be unique.
  • No Copied Contents or Posts on your blog.
  • Drive more Traffic to Your Blog by posting SEO friendly Contents.
  • Get More Unique visitors from Social media websites Like Facebook,Twitter,Stumbleupon,and Pinterest.
  • Add Pages to blog Like About MePrivacy PolicyDisclaimer, and Contact Us.
  • Must Have Sitemap on your blog.


-To Test Your blog Mobile Friendly Click Here.

-To Make Your WordPress blog Mobile Friendly Click Here.

Click here Apply For

So if Your blog complies with above steps you are ready to apply for Publisher Network. Don’t worry if you got rejected Try again. I got approved after 3 submissions.

Author: Rahil

Rahil is a part time blogger from Kerala, India. Apart from Blogging, His areas of Interest are Computers, Networking , WordPress , Playing And Watching Movies At BlogForInfo he Writes about Blogging, WordPress, Technology, Making Money online.


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