How To Enable Guest Blogging in BlogSpot Blogs

In one of my earlier blog posts, I had talked about the Various Benefits of Guest Blogging. BlogSpot/Blogger allows Guest Blogging on your blog. In fact, you can have as many as 100 Authors for your blog. Here are the steps on  How To Enable Guest Blogging in BlogSpot Blogs.


Step 1. Login to your blogger account and click on Settings.


Step 2. On the Settings page, click on Permissions

Step 3. Now you’ll see your name along with your email address, listed as Blog Author


Step 4. Click on Add Authors and enter the email address(es) you wish to be guest author(s) on your blog and click on Invite. If you are entering multiple invites, you can specify a comma-separated email addresses list.


Step 5. Now your invitees have to accept your invitation to be a guest-blogger.Till they accept, you will see them on your Invitee-List

Step 6. After your invitation is sent, your invitees will all be receiving a mail to be a Contributor on your blog. So After Getting that mail Click On the “To contributes to this blog

Step 7. Once they click on the “To contribute to this blog” link provided in the email, they will be taken to Blogger home-page asking them to sign-in. If you are a google account (Read Gmail) holder, you can straight-away enter your credentials and sign in. If you don’t have a google account, you will have to create one, which you can use to sign-in to Blogger.

Step 8. Once they click on “Accept Invitation“, they will automatically be added to your blog as Guest Authors and you will see as such in your Dashboard

By default, the Guest-Bloggers will be added as Authors, which means, they will only be able to edit their posts alone and won’t be able to edit blog’s settings or template or edit other members’ posts.  So you don’t have to worry about your settings or things, your Guest Blogger may have access to. Have fun with your blogging and enjoy Guest-Posts being written by your Guest-Bloggers

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