How To Boost Website Traffic With Guest Posts?

One of the quickest ways to gain exposure for your local business is to use blogging. Blogging is an effective yet affordable method of local internet marketing that can increase your online visibility and personal branding power.Tips to Boost Website Traffic With Guest Posts.

However not every local company has the time or resources to regularly publish a high-quality blog. This is where the practice of guest blogging can a terrific way for you to utilize the visibility that blogging can create without all the hassles and headaches.

”A guest blogger is someone who volunteers to provide free content, usually in the form of articles or blog posts, to a blog publisher in exchange for a promotional link back to the writer’s business site”

Since every smart business professional knows that they can accomplish more with the help of associates and partners, guest blogging creates a win-win situation: the guest writer can get a steady stream of new traffic, and the blog publisher gets some useful and valuable content they didn’t have to buy from a freelancer or write themselves.

Below are some tips on how to use guest blogging to the maximum advantage.

#Find Relevant Blogs.

The first step you have to do locate blogs that have or are accepting articles from guest post writers. The best way to do this is to open up your web browser and type in some simple search terms like these:

• “Guest bloggers wanted.”

• “This guest post was written.”

• “This guest post is from.”

• “Guest post by.”

By using the double quote marks, you automatically focus your search results to only websites that contain these exact words or phrases. This means the site or blog has a history of using guest writers (at least once).

You can also narrow down your add in other related words to your search terms that directly pertain to your particular field or industry. For example, you can search by using a term like this “guest post by” “small business.”

Now you have a list of sites that hopefully contain both guest-written articles and have topics concerning small business issues. If you are using Google, you can also use their new sidebar filter.

#Study Your List of Blogs Carefully.

Now instead of just jumping in with both feet, take some time and read the blogs you have found. Use your list to pick out at least 2 or 3 blogs that you like the best and read over each of their archives carefully, especially any guest articles or posts.

You are looking to see not only what kind of topics would be of interest to that blogger but also what style of writing is done. Is the writing done in a conversational tone or more a formal fashion?

Does the blog get a lot of comments and if so, what topics got people’s juices flowing? Try and get a feel of how a blog publisher deals with their audience and what grabs their attention.

#Write Your Guest Post to Suit.

Now that you understand a bit more about who makes up particular blog’s audience and what might interest them start writing your article. Create a quick outline that centers around 3 or so points and starts writing – filling in the blanks as you go.

Write only one article per blog. Don’t attempt to create a one-topic-fits-all piece, even if the blogs are similar. Make each guest post unique to that blog. More information about successful writing you can find at Edusson Help Guides blog.

Once you have your guest post completed, you can send an introductory email to the blog editor or publisher, asking is they would be interested in seeing your article. If yes then forward them your post.

Don’t be discouraged if they say no. Not every blogger wants to use guest posts. But also just don’t give up if you haven’t heard back from a blogger. Send out a “reminder” email since many people have a lot of junk mail and might have missed your first message.

While a writing guest blog post isn’t for everyone nor every industry, you might be surprised at for how receptive some bloggers are to having well written and interesting articles offered to them for free!

This article was prepared by Edusson Community.

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