Get Traffic From StumbleUpon to Your Blog/Website

Social Bookmarking sites Like StumbleUpon a very good source of traffic on your blog. You can experience 20 to 50 times surge in traffic by consistently bookmarking and sharing your posts on these social bookmarking sites.In this post, i will explain how to Get Traffic From StumbleUpon to Your Blog/Website


  #Daily Stumble Posts From Your Blog

Stumble your best post of the day or you can go for 2 to 3 posts from your blog each day. Keep doing this activity regularly.

Provide Review To Some Of Your Blog Posts 

Once you will stumble the post from your blog, there is an option to provide the review of the same. Go for the review and write down a good review for your post and for others as well. 

 #Stumble In Your Favorite Time Span 

Once you will start stumbling your posts, after some days you will realize that a particular time span is good for your blog posts submission on StumbleUpon because posts which are stumbled between that time span are getting more traffic. That will become your favorite time span and try to stumble maximum posts within that interval.

#Subscribe And Stumble For Others 

Go for the subscription on StumbleUpon for other bloggers activity. This will help you in getting recognition from other well-established bloggers as well. 

 #Shout To Share Stumble Love 

At the end of your blog posts, ask your visitor to stumble your blog post or you can directly mail the link to other bloggers or social networking savvy people.

#Start Using Su.Pr Short URL Service 

Su.Pr is URL shortening service from StumbleUpon through which you can get traffic from StumbleUpon by using that service. Here are some exclusive details related to Su.Pr service and features.

 #Share Links With StumbleUpon Bar 

Share link with StumbleUpon bar so that people can directly stumble your blog post and you can get traffic from there. Su.Pr is having a feature of creating Short URL with StumbleUpon bar. 

You just keep following these activities and within 10 – 15 days you will see a huge traffic from StumbleUpon. You can provide a nice tag to each post as well. StumbleUpon is an instant traffic router through which you can provide a good exposure to your blog.

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