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What is a favicon ?Favicon is the icon of website/logo of the website.Generally, in this post i will help you to change the favicon of your blog ,most of us who has Blogger Blog, has the default icon like this:


But after this small modification, you can change this icon to whatever you want..

If you haven’t noticed my just take a look here.

So, its just simple.
If you want your own favicon, these are the steps to put your own favicon into a Blogger or any blog.

  • Backup your template and backup the Page Elements
  • Convert an image file (jpg, png, gif, etc.) into an image with a .ico extension. Google for “free icon ” or try this one. It is the best I found so far:
    Dynamic Favicons for Blogger
    All you need to do is to sign up for a free account (I think if you don’t want to, this may not even be necessary), click “browse” and select an image from your computer

Upload and that generator will not only generate the .ico image for you, at the same time it will host the .ico image on the web and give you the .ico image URL in the same page. In fact, it does better than that. It gives you the code for you to copy-paste into your blog template:

Go to Dashboard and get into the LAYOUT of the blog you want a favicon for. Click EDIT HTML and look for    ]]>

Paste the code you get from that site.
Immediately after ]]></b:skin> and before </head>

if everything OK, click “Save” and your blog will have a favicon different from the standard Blogger favicon.

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