Top 8 Best Blogging Apps for Android Phone

Blogging has become the new trend of the 21st century. People are interested in writing about a lot of things and that is evident by their constant will to blog. There are fashion bloggers, health bloggers, beauty bloggers, tech bloggers and so much more. The list is never ending. However, most of this blogging is through the laptop or personal computer. However, in the busy life that we lead now, finding time to sit in front of a PC is hard. Instead, most of the things that we did on the PC, we now do on our phone, simply because it is more convenient. Similarly, you can blog on your smartphone also. There are many blogger apps to choose from, however, here are 8 that are some of the best ones that you should definitely try out.

Best Blogging Apps for Android Phone


This is a recent addition to the world of blogging. The app is basically a simple yet easy way to start your blogging career. The app has a calming design, nothing too flashy, but still, the sites created through square space scream of professionalism. They are clean and extremely well made which helps your site have that sophisticated look.



A common, and a very popular platform for bloggers. WordPress allows you to create a professional site that is really pleasing to the eye, easily. The service has extraordinary features, allowing you to manipulate your blog according to your preference. Whether you are a high-end blogger or just a starter, you can have the same platform. This gives starters a massive edge. Plus, you can even keep your blog private if you wish.



Another marvellous site for bloggers. It follows a different concept, promoting microblogging rather than real blogging. Most of the bloggers on Tumblr simply post photos and videos, instead of actual blogging. However, if microblogging is your thing, there is no better site to try it out than Tumblr. It’s a popular and a well-appreciated platform that allows you to gain recognition rapidly.



One of the oldest blogging apps out there, blogger has earned its name among the blogging websites. Owned by Google, the platform is strengthening itself more and more. You can easily link your Google account with the blog and start your blogging career in full blast! It’s easy and efficient, plus it doesn’t charge you anything.



If you know what RSS feeds are, you can easily start using Feedly to your advantage. You can keep up to date with all the new blogs using this app. It allows you to read a whole variety of updates and keeps you informed about what’s going on in the world.



A blog has to a have social media presence. Once you manage to create it, you will realise that you spend more time managing all the pages as compared to managing your blog. It’s trying to switch between different pages consistently to post the same content again and again. A solution to these problems is Hootsuite. This app collects and shows all your different social media feeds in one place. Plus, it also allows you to post your updates on different platforms at the same time, which acts as a real-time saver.



Buffer also offers you the ease of managing the social media for your blog. It allows you to share posts on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. It also allows you to schedule your posts according to your liking. This allows you to manage your posts along with your blog, making their timings coincide.



This is a no-nonsense platform that aims to create high-quality blogs. It has a great many features, is fast and allows you to interact with your viewers also. You can share posts on different platforms and also enhance the appearance of your blog, as you please. The app is a must have for all the new bloggers out there.


Considering all these apps, it’s evident that bloggers have a lot of options to choose from. You can choose the app you feel comfortable it and express your thoughts as you please. So, if you are a new blogger out there, who wishes to find a good platform to start, these 8 blogging apps for android are a must have.

About Author – Shashank is an entrepreneur & content marketing expert. He writes about Entrepreneurship and iPhones on IphoneLearner.

Author: Shashank Jain

Shashank is an entrepreneur & content marketing expert. He writes about Entrepreneurship and Iphones on IphoneLearner.

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